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Who we are

Empowering humanity through guaranteed investments.


Happy Investors

Rain Asset Management is a global investment company, registered at Toldbodgade 31 04, København K - 1253 Denmark on the 1st day of October 2020. We engage our clients assets into guaranteed investment opportuinities to secure a meaninful and steady profit for our clients. We are giving our clients a lifetime opportuinity to earn a passive income by investing in a walk their way to financial independence. Rain Asset Management lets you control your finances by providing a fast and instant deposit and withdrawal process. We also integrated simple digital payment methods such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and USDT to enable easy and seamless deposit and withdrawals.

Professional Team

We have the most amazing team of experts that have contributed immensly to the success of our compoany...

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24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service department is available through our channels to answer to your questions at all times...

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Rain Asset Management

Guaranteed Return . . .

You get consisten profit on all your investments.

Working Process

4 ways to start investing

These are the 4 steps to access the infinite wealth that awaits you when you join our platform.



Create account

Click on the "register" link at the top of the page and fill all the forms to create an account.



Fund account

Login to your account, click on the deposit link, then on the new deposit, fill all the forms and make payment through any of your preferred digital payment options and your account will be credited.




Once step 2 is completed, an automated investment will be placed for you based on the investment plan you selected when funding your account.



Profit Withdrawal

Once the investment cycle is over, your investment together with the interest can be withdrawn safely to your account.

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Our chain of businesses

A few good reasons to Choose

Answering an investment company is not enough, consisten orofit is what makes you one
. Our involvement in these business has brought us a good name an also smile on the face of our investors.

Real Estate

We engage some of our clients funds into the real estate business to make enermous profit.


We provide logistics for farmers through the use of heavy machineries bought with our clients fund.

Currency Trading

We have expert traders that scan the market for a trade opportuinity and they rearly incure loss in trading.

Crypto Mining

We validate crypto currency transactions with our super computers and make grate profit for our investors.

Pricng & Plans

Transparent Prcing Plan

These are the pricing plans we have for our investores, choose the one that suites your need.



  • minimum: $50.00
  • maximum: $999.00
  • percentage: 2%
  • duration: Five Days
  • interval: Daily
  • referral bonus: 10%


  • minimum: $1,000.00
  • maximum: $4,999.00
  • percentage: 2.5%
  • duration: Five Days
  • interval: Daily
  • referral bonus: 10%


  • minimum: $5,000.00
  • maximum: $9,999.00
  • percentage: 3%
  • duration: Five Days
  • interval: Daily
  • referral bonus: 10%


  • minimum: $10,000.00
  • maximum: $1,000,000.00
  • percentage: 4%
  • duration: Five Days
  • interval: Daily
  • referral bonus: 10%
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What Our Clients Say

Leadership Team

Team behind Our Success

We hire the best professional in all our business area of interest, and that have contributed to the success of our company.

Shelton Abraham
Robert Halley
Head Of Operations
Abigail Campbell
Head Of Marketing
Our liscence

Investment liscence

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Our Partners

Partners Across the World

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